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of failure and maximise up-time of your business critical apps

Secure your data from an ever changing threat landscape

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Eliminate single points of failure, always stay current

and sync your emails and calendars across all devices

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Fault Tolerance is Key

Don't depend on a single, aging  email server to run your business critical email apps. What happens if the server fails? How will your business operate to full capacity with the disruption of your email service? 

Office 365 is the answer. Take the single point of elimination for the email service out of your business by migrating your emails to Microsoft Office 365 where all you email  data will be stored in Microsoft data centers.

Maximise your uptime, always stay current and sync all of your emails and calendars across multiple devices.

With Office 365, your Office apps can always stay current. When Microsoft release a newer version of Office, the new app versions become available for you to download to your devices. 

By subscribing to Office 365, your business need never run out of date Office software again. all users will be utilising the latest app versions and incompatibility between older and newer Office products will be history.


Don't purchase expensive Office licenses which will soon become outdated when you can subscribe to

Office 365 and always stay current

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Randall Orchard Constructon Ltd


Our Customers Like Us 

Our Customers Like Us 

Bethell Group PLC, Manchester

Acumen support our virtual finance systems and I have no hesitation in recommending their services. They are quick to respond and put an action plan together very quickly when we had a major server fault last year.

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A huge thank you to John Turner Construction Group Ltd in Preston for renewing the support of their business critical vitual servers for another year with Acumen. 

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