Our Mission and Our Promise  

To provide exceptional, highly experienced, affordable and cost effective IT services and solutions to businesses to help them maximise user up-time and  increase IT related business productivity.

To help our clients to significantly reduce the chances of a cyber attack by implementing market leading solutions to help block ransomware and other nasty threats.

To help businesses significantly reduce the risk of IT downtime by helping them to migrate from older legacy systems and solutions to newer faster, reliable technology to help keep their business productive.

To help ensure our clients have the correct data backup policies in place so they can quickly restore critical data in the event of a problem. This includes on-premise backup policies and cloud policies so data can always be restored securely, quickly and easily to any location at any time in the event of theft or building damage.

To ensure our clients are happy with our services at all times. We are passionate about customer care and we want to make sure we provide you with an exceptional customer service experience every time.

Acumen System Solutions Ltd

About Acumen

Who we are, what we do & how we can help...


The two owners of Acumen have a combined 45 years experience of IT project management, installation and support of IT systems and networks starting all the way back in the mid 1990's. Our business is run by people who understand the logistics of the business IT sector and understand the requirements of businesses that want to outsource their IT services to an external IT company.

Our Service  

At Acumen we're passionate about providing exceptional customer care for all our clients. We know the importance of being there for our clients when their IT systems are misbehaving and we will provide a fast response to all support cases to help keep your business IT functioning.


Managed Services

With our fully managed IT services, Acumen can look after all of your IT requirements while you get on with running your business. Take away the worry of IT problems, administration and billing by outsourcing them to one IT support provider.

Proactive Approach

At Acumen, not only can we fully manage all aspects of your business IT, we will also be proactive in eliminating potential support issues before they occur. With our vast experience of the business IT sector, we may see a problem on the way before it happens meaning we can advise you of the action required to avoid it.

Consultation is Key

When you partner with Acumen, not only will we fully support your systems and networks but we will also provide your business with an all inclusive consultancy service. You don't have to have an IT problem to talk to us, perhaps you want some advice and we will be more than happy to provide it as part of our service and commitment to making sure our clients are 100% happy with our services.

Affordable IT Support For All

At Acumen we believe that all businesses should have affordable and cost effective access to professional IT support services to help their business to excel. We offer low cost monthly payment options for all small businesses looking to eliminate their IT issues that hamper their daily routines.

At Acumen, we guarantee fast support response times so if you're business is currently in need of a fresh IT outlook then we can help.

We Work When You Don't 

At Acumen, we know how important your IT systems are to your business. That's why we can upgrade all your servers outside of normal office hours to help maximise up-time for your business and help keep your IT related business productivity high. Upgrading your systems doesn't have to be disruptive and Acumen's highly experienced installation team will ensure your upgrade runs smoothly.

Migrating to Acumen is Easy

Migrating from one IT support provider to a new one can sometimes seem like a daunting task but it doesn't have to be. Acumen are specialists in provider migration and we will help you every step of the way to make any transition of services to Acumen quick and easy.

Many organisations that we speak to have been putting up with a substandard level of IT support

for many years because they were either worried about a change or didn't have the time to find a new support provider. 

Switch to Acumen and get the IT support and solutions that your business deserves.

Ready to find Out More?

Partner with Acumen and see how we can help your IT related business productivity fly. We're passionate about customer care and our support experience spans 3 decades.

At Acumen we promise to deliver and by living up to these promises we form exceptional

long term relationships with our clients.

Contact us today to see how we can help

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