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Business IT productivity must be kept high and sometimes businesses overlook the most important task of maintaining their IT systems. Backing up your systems and data is without doubt the most important task you or your IT admins carry out on behalf of your business. To lose your business data would be catastrophic to your business and to its reputation.


You should know what is backed up, who is doing it, where it is backed up to, how easy it is to restore and you need to know as soon as there is a backup issue.

At Acumen, we know how important your data is and that's why we implement market leading, robust and reliable solutions to make sure you can restore all or any aspect of your data at any time to any secure location. We offer a range of on-premise and cloud solutions to ensure your data is one less thing to worry about.


Backup Procedures - What to Consider

What's the Backup Routine?

Knowing which backup routines and methods are in place is key to understanding how your backups work, what is being backed up, when the routines run and which target devices are being utilised to receive the backups. Without these fundamental basics, your backups may be out of your control and your important business data may be at risk

What's Included in the Backup?

It's absolutely vital to ensure that implemented backup routines are backing up all your business data. Ideally full system backups or complete system snapshots should be taken on a regular basis as this will help you to restore your systems much quicker in the event of a major issue and significantly reducing downtime associated with the issue

Who's Responsible For the Backups?

Ensure responsibility for backups is sourced to more than one backup administrators. This will enable continuity of daily backup checks by ensuring backups can be checked in the absence of one of the admins.

How is the Backup Monitored?

Backup monitoring is essential. You should know each day if your backup has been successful or if there has been a problem. At Acumen we will set up monitoring emails to make sure your designated backup admins receive a report of the daily backup routines. If there's a problem with a routine this is quickly flagged and rectified.

Local Backup (On-Premise)

A local backup is taken on premise and does not transfer data to the cloud. Numerous on-premise backup devices can be utilised for these backup types but the limitation of a local backup is that data copies are not kept off-premise unless arrangements are made to physically take backup devices off-premise. However, this should only be done on encrypted devices in case of device loss or theft. If devices are not taken off-premise and no cloud solution is implemented then data is at risk from building damage, fire or theft

Cloud Backup
A Cloud backup is activated on-premise but transfers copies of data
off-premise to the cloud. Only use trusted secure cloud providers for this service so your data will be stored in securely and replicated across multiple secure servers and data centres. Utilising a cloud solution means that you can always restore your data easily in the event of building damage, fire or theft. Most organisations now choose to implement a cloud backup solution to ensure data copies are always available
Hybrid Solution

A hybrid backup solution means that local backups and cloud backups are taken. This solution provides the advantages of both the local and cloud backup solutions. Local backups are usually quicker to restore in the event of a major system issue but utilising a cloud solution gives reassurance that your data can always be restored to any location at any time securely. With a hybrid solution, you can ensure you have data backup copies both on-premise and off-premise in the cloud. If a catastrophic event occurs your data will still be secured

Fully Automated Solutions

Backup Automation

Ready to find Out More?

Backing up your systems and data is highly important and should not be overlooked. Your data is the most important asset your business has so you need to ensure it's secure. Acumen offer a wide range of cost effective backup solutions both on-premise and to the cloud to ensure you can securely restore your data to any place at any time.

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At Acumen, we want your backups to run smoothly and we want to implement maximum fault tolerance to eliminate the possibility of issues occurring which will cause your backups to fail.

The preferred backup method is to automate and monitor the backup jobs to ensure your backups are always up to date. We can install the latest local backup software solutions combined with the latest on-premise backup storage technologies to ensure your backups are fully automated each day. This eliminates the requirement of dependency on backup admins to change tapes and disks each day. The backups are stored on a backup storage server locally and uploaded securely to the cloud. This way your business gets the best of both worlds, a local on-premise backup with fast restore times along with secure cloud (off-premise) backups each day so that in the event of building damage of theft, your essential data can be restored securely to any location at any time.

All backup jobs are set to be monitored by means of email progress reports each day to confirm the success or failure of the backup job. this monitoring is setup to multiple designated users to that in the event of staff absence, a user will always collect the emails. 

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