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Lightening Fast Broadband

Get lightening fast speeds with easy migration

Fully Managed Lightening Fast Broadband

Ethernet leased lines, FFTP & fibre broadband all fully 

managed by Your IT support provider

Ultra fast business broadband with maximised up-time and support straight from your IT support provider. If your internet speed is slow then we can provide a full circuit check to advise of the services and speeds currently available to help your internet speeds fly.

There are lots of businesses not fully maximising their internet speeds and therefore hampering productivity of their critical business web based apps and services. At Acumen we will find you the best service to ensure slow internet speeds are a thing of the past. At Acumen we will arrange the installation, fully manage it and support it so that in the event of a problem you only have one call to make.

Fast & Secure

Getting a fast internet service is paramount to the IT related productivity of your business. Without a fast service, web based apps and services become slow to respond, frustrate your users and affect wide-scale business productivity. The internet is now one of the most important tools for business but some organisations are still utilising slow services. It's easy to change and there's reason for businesses to put up with slower sub-standard services

Easy Migration from Your Existing ISP

Migrating from your current Internet Service Provider is quick and easy. We can put an activation plan in place and your new super fast broadband can be up and running quickly to help maximise productivity of your internet based apps and services. Most businesses now have access to super fast broadband so why not check with us?

Fully Supported 

What happens if your internet service stops working? You call your IT support and they tell you the problem lies with the ISP. You call the ISP and they tell you they think there's an issue with your equipment. This is extremely common and hugely frustrating when all you want to do is restore your services. At Acumen we fully support everything meaning that in the event of an internet outage, you only have one call to make to get the issue resolved

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Get all your Internet and IT support in one place, knock down the support barriers and choose Acumen to provide and fully support your business broadband service.

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