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The majority of organisations today are looking to Microsoft 365 for their business email platform. And why not? It makes no sense in today's climate to have a single on-premise mail server controlling all of your critical business emails. If the server fails then so to does the email service and this will cause wide spread implications for the productivity of your business.

With Microsoft 365, you can migrate from your on-premise mail server and store all your emails in the Microsoft cloud on replicated servers across replicated data centers. This eliminates the worry associated with the potential failure of a single on-premise mail server.

For a small monthly subscription per user, you can ensure that your email services have a guaranteed 99.9% up-time. 


There will be no requirement to purchase a replacement server and expensive Microsoft software and licenses associated with an internal mail server so any costs usually associated with replacing the server can be offset for Microsoft 365 solutions helping your business spread the cost whilst maximising productivity.

Microsoft 365 Apps

From home to business, from desktop to web and the devices in between, Office delivers the tools you need to create your best work.

As part of an Microsoft 365 subscription you can choose to download the office apps to your devices and eliminate the requirement of purchasing costly upfront Office licenses for Office versions which would otherwise soon become outdated.

With an Microsoft 365 subscription, your Office version can always stay current making sure that everyone in your organisation has the latest Office apps to help them maximise productivity.

Tailored Microsoft 365 Solutions 

We have a host of clients utilising Microsoft 365 services and Acumen are highly experienced in providing the right solution for your business tailored to suit your individual user requirements.

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