Cloud to Cloud Backup

Backup your cloud data to protect against data loss

Fully Managed Cloud to Cloud Backup

At Acumen we know the importance of your business data. That's why we make sure our clients are fully aware of the situation when they store data in the cloud. When our clients utilise Microsoft 365 for their email and data storage solutions it's important that they understand the underlying risks and ensure that they take steps to mitigate the risk.

Our fully managed cloud to cloud backup solutions make sure that our clients emails and data can be restored to any secure location at any time.

Don't Confuse Replication With Backup

Replication is great and offers exceptional fault tolerance but what happens if one of your users accidentally or maliciously removes Outlook items such as emails, calendars, calendar items or contacts? What happens if a file or folder is accidentally edited or removed and what a happens if someone maliciously deletes your email content or data or both?

What happens is that the change or deletions will replicate across all instances of the data and there will no longer be a copy of the deleted data after the Microsoft purge retention period  expires.

To hold infinite copies of your email content and data, it is advised that a cloud to cloud backup solution is implemented to help protect your business against accidental or malicious data loss.

Why Do I need to Backup Microsoft 365 Data?

It is highly recommended that you backup your Microsoft 365 data. A common misconception of some admins when utilising Microsoft 365 is that they no longer have to backup their data as it is replicated in the cloud across multiple servers and data centres for the purpose of fault tolerance. In the event of an issue on one cloud server the services are seamlessly switched to another server or data centre usually without the users realising there has been a problem.

So what's the problem? The problem is that the data is replicated and not backed up. Replication is great but it will replicate all changes made at the root source. For example, if a user removes email content or data this will replicate across all instances of the data stored in the cloud. It doesn't matter how many times it's replicated, the changes will be made across all data sources.

For this reason, we highly recommend utilising a cost effective cloud to cloud backup solution which will backup your data to a separate cloud location. If data is lost through accidental or malicious deletion then an infinite copy of your data can be accessed to quickly restore the data back to its original source. This in turn will then replicate back across all cloud data sources.

Malicious Action Protection

Another reason to seriously consider a backup solution is to protect your business from malicious acts such as intended deletion of data and email trails by disgruntled users. Even if a user thinks the data is deleted, it can still be restored.

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Cloud to cloud backup helps protect your business against accidental or malicious data loss. Implementing a Microsoft 365 backup service means you can access emails and data from backup archives quickly and easily giving the opportunity to restore the data.

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