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The threat landscape is constantly changing, make sure you have the tools to help keep your business safe. 

It's never been more important to ensure your IT infrastructure is secure and your data is safe. With hackers continuously attempting to gain access to data it's important that your business has the tools to help prevent an attack.

Acumen work with global market leading enterprises to help ensure that our

clients systems, networks and data are secure. We have been specialising in market leading security products and software solutions since 2012 and are an official silver partner and reseller

of Sophos security solutions. Sophos provide market leading solutions and some tools not included

in most standard anti-virus solutions. It's these tools help keep ransomware and other

nasty threats at bay.

As an official silver Sophos partner and reseller, Acumen can provide fully managed security

solutions or we can provide the solutions for your own IT department to install and manage.


Protect Your Business, Keep it Secure

Mitigate your security risks by bolstering your defenses

At Acumen we're passionate about cyber security. We want your business systems to be secure and we make a huge effort to help keep out clients safe. We know how costly a cyber attack can be for a business with loss of productivity, potential data loss or theft not to mention the addition of the GDPR legislation to contend with in the event that your data is lost or stolen. All of this is bad enough but when you also add on the potential damage this can do to your business reputation it's easy to see why we are seriously proactive about cyber security for our clients. Reaction is too late, the damage has been done so we always help and advise our clients to ensure they have the correct tools in place to help significantly reduce the risk of an attack.

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Comprehensive Endpoint Protection

Unrivaled Security Protection for Your Systems & Networks

At Acumen we work with the worlds most comprehensive next generation endpoint solutions, built to stop the widest ranges of attacks, it combines multiple techniques including signature-less exploit prevention, deep learning, malware detection, anti-ransomware capabilities, endpoint detection and response (EDR) and continues to rate at the top of independent tests and analysts reports fro endpoint protection.

Our solutions can detect new and unknown malware using deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning using the industries number one malware detection engine and our solutions are able to detect never before seen malware before it ever runs on the endpoint.


The Very Best Protection, Always!

Our solutions also prevent ransomware by using CryptoGuard technology. When any malicious encryption is attempted, CryptoGuard stops it in its tracks. Any changes made by the ransomware are rolled back to their original state and this denies hackers by blocking the exploit techniques used to carry out the attacks. Rather than examining millions of malware samples, it focuses on over 25 exploit techniques attackers rely on to spread malware, steal credentials and escape detection.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a particularly nasty infection which can wreak havoc with your IT systems. If Ransomware is contracted by one of your devices then data on the device will start to become encrypted rendering it useless to users. The ransomware could then quickly spread across your network to other devices and servers where it will then start to encrypt the data on those devices. It's easy to see why business leaders are prioritising cyber security as a matter of urgency to help ensure threats are caught before they cause large scale damage to business critical IT systems.

Will My Current AV Solution Stop It?

Most AV solutions work well to block a large number of threats. However, as threats evolve, standard endpoint protection is no longer a viable solution for businesses. As the threat level moves on, so too have the security solutions which help protect your business from them. The majority of standard endpoint protection software does not contain the tools required to help block ransomware and other sophisticated malware attacks.

Stop unauthorised encryption of data

CryptoGuard works to determine whether encryption that takes place on a device is genuine or malicious. If it is deemed malicious then the device will automatically be placed into a

lock-down mode until the threat is cleaned up by Sophos Intercept X. Encryption would be stopped and the ransomware would be blocked. This is an exceptional tool to block ransomware!

Server Lock-down
Stop unauthorised applications dead

For Windows servers, the lock-down feature is extremely important. When Sophos Intercept X is installed to the server, we can then initiate a permanent lock-down scenario to protect the server. Server lock-down creates a white list of existing genuine apps already installed and then blocks new programs or executables from running. This is vital in the fight against ransomware.

Reduce The Risk of a Ransomware Attack

Take a review of your current security arrangements and products. You need to implement security solutions for your business that will perform invaluable tasks such as blocking malicious device encryption and being able to place servers in lock-down to block the threats.

Ready to find Out More?

Acumen will help keep your cyber defenses robust with our market leading, exceptional security products. We will help your business stay safe from ransomware and other nasty attacks that can significantly disrupt your business productivity. Be proactive, not reactive.

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