On-Premise Server Solutions

Robust, reliable and packed with the latest technology

Cost Effective Server Solutions for All 

Keep Business Productivity High

At Acumen we believe that every business should have the opportunity to implement a robust and reliable

server to help maximise their business productivity. Our friendly and highly experienced team have been

project managing, installing and supporting server solutions for businesses all over the UK for more than

20 years. Whether it's a single smaller server or a larger virtualised project, Acumen can help ensure your

business gets the right solution on time, every time.

We provide a wide range of latest generation rack and tower server solutions packed with the latest server technology and fault tolerance to help maximise system up-time for your business.

Server fault tolerance is essential to maximise up-time. All our serves can be specified with exceptional fault tolerance levels to help ensure maximum reliability

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Out of Hours Installation, Robust Fault Tolerance

and Exceptional Support


Our experience and professionalism is essential in ensure an smooth installation of new servers

for your business. We know how important your IT systems are to your business and that's why our highly experienced team can upgrade all your systems outside of normal office hours.

Fault Tolerance

It's essential to ensure that any on-premise server solution that runs your critical business apps is packed with fault tolerance to maximise server uptime and productivity. At Acumen we want your server to be available at all times so we include fault tolerance as standard to all our server specifications to eliminate single points of failure wherever possible.


Once your servers are installed we will provide an ongoing  exceptional level of support to help ensure your  IT related productivity for your business and your users remains high.

With our fully managed support solutions we guarantee a quick response to hardware faults and other server related issues.


Run Multiple Virtual Machines

One Physical Server, Multiple Virtual Machines

Virtualisation allows for multiple virtual machines to run on the same physical server without compromising individual virtual machine performance. Reduce your physical server count and save costs by finding out how you can virtualise your servers. Virtualisation has lots to offer and means you can add or remove server resources at the click of a mouse enabling you to upgrade or downgrade VMs on demand either permanently or for a temporary purpose. With virtualisation, businesses will continue to make long term cost savings

Reduce Physical Server Count & Get A Greener IT System

We all know that we need to make our own difference to our planet and virtualisation will help your business to reduce it's carbon footprint. Reducing numerous physical servers to a single server means long term energy savings, support cost savings and the support logistics that go with any hardware support are reduced.

Virtualisation offers your business the chance to implement a more efficient and greener IT solution whilst saving upfront purchase costs and longer term energy and support costs

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Today's new on-premise server solutions are packed with the latest technologies and fault tolerance to ensure up-time of your critical servers are maximised and business productivity is kept high.

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