Windows Server 2008 Has Retired

14th January 2020

Why Has Windows Server 2008 Retired

Windows Server 2008 was released back in 2008 and has been a huge success for Microsoft. The product was available as a single product or as part of the Microsoft SBS 2011 (Small Business Server) When the lifetime of Windows Server 2008 reaches its retirement date it will have spanned more than a decade but Microsoft have an 'End of Life' policy on the product which means that after 14th January 2020, no further support, bug fixes or important security updates will be applied tot he software.

It's important that businesses do not use Windows Server 2008 after the 'End of Life' date as they will no longer receive updates including important security fixes. Windows updates are continuously patching security loopholes that otherwise hackers may exploit and once the updates stop, so to do the security patches. The longer you continue to use Windows Server 2008, the more vulnerable it will become posing a large cyber security risk to your business.

Upgrade to Windows Server 2019

Upgrade to Windows Server 2019

Upgrading to Windows 2019 is highly recommended to help keep your servers secure. Acumen have been carrying our Microsoft Server OS upgrades for many years and we can fully project manage any upgrade for you to help ensure a smooth transition from an unsecured Windows Server 2008 platform and remember, all our server upgrades can be done outside of normal office hours helping to maximise your IT uptime

Upgrading to Windows Server 2019 can be done by either upgrading on-premise servers or by utilising the cloud to have your virtual servers hosted there.

This decision would depend on a number of factors including budget and personal preferences and this is something that we can discuss with you to ensure your business gets the upgrade options best suited to the business and of course the budget

What Are My Upgrade Options?

On-Premise or Cloud?

Depending on budget and long term scalability requirements, the best upgrade path for your business may be the cloud. Utilising the cloud for a server upgrade means you have the potential for almost unlimited future scalability. Additional server resources can be added within minutes at the clock of a mouse and backups are easier. When you migrate to the cloud, you pay only for the compute time you use and cloud payment is made on a subscription basis. This means that there are no upfront costs for server hardware, Microsoft software and licenses, however, there is an ongoing monthly subscription cost to the cloud so this needs to be assessed before deciding whether to upgrade to virtual cloud server hosting for your business

Cloud Upgrade
On-Premise Upgrade

At Acumen, we fully appreciate that the cloud isn't currently everyone's preference and therefore also offer on-premise server upgrades. If your business is still utilising Windows Server 2008, it's highly likely that you are hosting it on an older legacy server. If this is the case then it makes sense to upgrade the to newer faster and more reliable hardware and install the all new Windows Server 2019 onto the new hardware. There are of course some businesses that may be hosting Server 2008 on newer servers and for this instance, there is the possibility of upgrading the OS only. an on-premise server upgrade is a one-off upfront cost for the server hardware, Microsoft software and licenses

We Work When You Don't

At Acumen, we know how important your IT systems are to your business. That's why we can upgrade all your servers outside of normal office hours to help maximise up-time for your business and help keep your IT related business productivity high. Upgrading your systems doesn't have to be disruptive and with Acumen's highly experienced installation team, it won't be.

We Can Upgrade Your Servers Outside of Normal Office Hours

Ready to find out more?

Regardless of the upgrade path required to Windows 10 for your business, we can help. We will work with you to ensure the upgrades are done at the best time for your business and remember, Acumen can carry out upgrades outside of normal office hours to keep your up-time maximised