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Virtualise & Reduce Carbon

Go greener & reduce support costs

Virtualise Your IT Systems 

Take advantage of virtual technologies to save costs, reduce long term energy costs and help to save the planet.

Did you know that a single physical server can host multiple VMs (Virtual Machines) meaning that you can easily reduce the number of servers you require for an upgrade? Implementing server virtualisation will significantly reduce upfront server and support costs and long term energy costings so your business can save money and become greener all at the same time. With the addition of the very latest server technology packed with improved fault tolerance and the latest Microsoft OS and apps, it's easy to see why business leaders are turning to on-premise virtualisation.

Migrate from Legacy Servers

and Virtualise

Upgrading your legacy servers to a single virtualised server could be the perfect cost effective solution for your business. Upgrade to a faster, robust and reliable system whilst reducing the upfront costs of hardware, support and longer term energy costs

Resource Reallocation at the Click of a Mouse

With Virtual Machines (VMs), it's easy to upgrade resources or reconfigure resources to address any performance issues. Because VMs are managed through software such as VMWare, VM resources can be modified at any time on demand at the click of a mouse. 

Go Greener and Save Costs

Reducing your carbon footprint not only helps to clean up the air we breath, it also helps make your company greener. Virtualsation helps to reduce the amount of energy consumed helping your company become greener and save energy and support costs

Faster Disaster Recovery

DR is substantially faster when your servers are virtualised.

With up to date snapshots of your Virtual Machines you can quickly get your servers back up and running. If disaster should strike your office buildings then you can easily retstore the VMs elsewhere


Faster Resource Reallocation

With Virtual Machines, it's easy to upgrade or reconfigure resources to address any performance  issues. This is because VMs are managed through software such as VMWare and their resources can be modified on demand at the click of a mouse

Ready to find Out More?

The bottom line with virtualisation is that your organisation can make cost savings whilst enjoying the benefits associated with its implementation. Save on hardware, support and energy costs all whilst reducing your organisations carbon footprint.

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